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,Oil, Gas, LNG

and onshore/offshore power plant projects


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Attamyez Oil Services (AOS) , We are offers a Team of Highly experienced Professional focused on Oil & Gas, LNG, Power Plant Projects Onshore/Offshore and logistics supply base Solutions


Taking the lead in maintenance optimization
We believe that maintenance is one of the most important tools for optimizing, production ensuring HS and minimizing environmental impact At “AOS” Our integrated approach to project management & operations to provide a quality
service at competitive rate


Success Partners are the continuous supporter of ATTAMYEZ Company to provide its best services with high quality


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Our Blast Cleaning Services include

• Pressure washing of Building Exteriors and Roofs.
• Blast cleaning of Pathways and Patios.
• Industrial Blast Cleaning (Tanks, Vessels, Plant, & Machinery etc).
• Cleaning of Driveways (tarmac, concrete, and paved).
• Garage Forecourts and Civic Walkways.
• Removal of Graffiti, Chewing gum, and adhesive debris.
• Cleaning, Degreasing, decommissioning of plant & machinery


AOS Prepares Shutdown Maintenance Work Procedures
for all equipment and faculties for rotating equipmen and
static equipment in Mechanical.
Electrical and instrumentation areas. We performs the
following activities related to shutdown procedures

Mechanical Installation Service

AOS engineering mechanical installation Services focuses primarily on the Factory Removals & Relocation of industrial Plant and Machinery and the the extensive disciplines involved in ensuring this happens in an efficient timely, and cost effective way

HVAC and pressurization service

The HVAC and Pressurization Services we Provide include Custom-Designed and Built Industrial air conditioning and climate control systems. Our Client Projects Typically Begin with the definition of technical specifications, detailed drafting and studies of air handling ducting and pressurization networks and chilled water networks.




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